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Building Relationships Equates to More Sales
Open Your Ears Before You Open Your Mouth
Is it time to step up your game, stop driving with your brakes on and release the fear that is holding you back from being the most amazing travel agent that you can be?  


It's simple - build relationships.

Learn to Listen!  Travel consumers are getting very frustrated with hidden prices, lack of integrity in the travel business and agents pressuring them to buy whatever they can make the most commission on that day, all resulting in poor customer service and client frustration. 

The fact is,  the Travel Industry is evolving at an incredible pace with technology and its does not matter how we feel about it,  that is the reality of the world we live in today but there is one part of the business that never changes and has to become the top priority for any agent/agency if they plan to continue to thrive in this extremely competitive marketplace. Great Customer Service

You have to  genuinely care about your customer's travel needs,  provide them with the best  information available and listen to exactly what thay are asking for, not what you want to sell them.  Clients are more sophisticated than ever and demand "Value For Their Money" or they will never book with you again and can you blame them?  People work hard for their money and it is our responsibility, as agents, to provide them with the best possible service we can for the right to Earn Their Business and keep it. Every industry is craving great customer service and clients will pay good money to have it so honestly ask yourself, Are you providing it?


We work when our clients need us. Is that not the way it should be done?
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What will bring clients to you?

You will bring clients to you!

You are the face of your travel business, the person your clients will build a relationship with. 

In such a competitive market you must set yourself apart from "the other guy", increase your presence and be accessible to your potential consumer. 

How you do this is entirely up to you, not the industry, not the client, not your host agency... YOU!

Do you have a plan?